Tax Incentives

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States sweeten their offers to chipmakers to outdo one other

BY: - September 18, 2023

HILLSBORO, Ore. — “Oregon’s been at this for decades,” the governor’s office assures potential investors in its so-called Silicon Forest. The Lone Star State’s governor calls it a “race that Texas must win for our state, our workforce, our national security, and our future.” And New York’s governor boasts on the state’s YouTube channel that […]

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Gov. Kay Ivey signs bill adding sunset dates to some economic incentives

BY: - June 19, 2023

Gov. Kay Ivey last week signed a bill that could end some tax incentives in state law.  SB 299, sponsored by Sen. Arthur Orr, R-Decatur, would add sunset dates to multiple tax incentives and amend the Coal Production Tax Credit. Orr said in an interview last week the bill began with sunsetting tax incentives because […]