Rex Vaughn

The chairman of the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission, Rex Vaughn, looks up as he presides over the meeting.

Round 3: Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission awards production and distribution licenses

BY: - December 1, 2023

The Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission Friday awarded 20 licenses for the production and distribution of medical cannabis in its third attempt to get the new industry started in the state. The awards followed three days of presentations from applicants and months of litigation over the AMCC’s prior methods of evaluating  applications. “The week we had […]

A man stands at a lectern.

Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission begins new licensing process

BY: - November 28, 2023

Companies went before the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission Monday to make their cases for getting licenses, kicking off the third attempt to award medical marijuana licenses in the state. Most of the applicants were allotted 20 minutes to speak to the commission. Most stressed their expertise; some addressed perceived shortcomings in their applications. “When somebody […]

A group of men in suits sitting around a circular desk, with a crowd of people behind them.

Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission re-awards licenses; one company loses out

BY: - August 11, 2023

The Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission Thursday re-awarded the licenses for the production and distribution of medical cannabis after questions about the evaluation of applications stopped the process in June.  Nearly all the firms awarded licenses two months ago got them back, and the commission granted additional licenses to firms looking to grow medical cannabis. Rex […]

Commission member looks at chair as chairman speaks.

Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission appoints new chair, vice-chair

BY: - August 10, 2023

The Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission (AMCC) elected Rex Vaughn as chair and Sam Blakemore as vice chair at its Thursday meeting in Montgomery. Vaughn, a farmer from Madison County who previously served as vice chair of the commission, and Blakemore, a pharmacist based in Birmingham, were the only candidates nominated for each position. The election […]