Barry Moore

Six men in suits, most in front of American flags.

Six meek men

BY: - October 23, 2023

At a key moment in the 1957 film “12 Angry Men,” Juror No. 7, played by Jack Warden, suddenly announces that he’s changed his mind about a teenager facing a murder charge. He goes from guilty to not guilty. Not because he’s been convinced by arguments, or a need to get a life-and-death decision correct. […]

A sign with white letters on a red background saying "We accept Food Stamps; EBT Card"

USDA secretary battles with U.S. House Republicans over costs of federal nutrition programs

BY: - March 29, 2023

WASHINGTON — U.S. House Republicans tussled with Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and Democratic committee members over work requirements in federal nutrition programs as well as spending levels for those programs at a Tuesday hearing.  Republican members of the House Agriculture Committee charged Vilsack with evading bipartisan oversight in the USDA’s 2021 redesign of the Thrifty […]

Tuberville among four in Alabama congressional delegation to invest in corporate stocks

BY: - February 7, 2023

WASHINGTON — Four members of Alabama’s nine-person congressional delegation report owning stocks in individual companies, a situation that could potentially present a conflict of interest with their official duties, according to a prominent ethics watchdog. Members of Congress are required to file annual disclosures of their assets and liabilities, which gives the public a sense […]