Alabama Legislature

Ethics Committee members review documents as they listen to a presentation.

Alabama House committee expects draft of ethics law changes in January

BY: - December 1, 2023

An Alabama House committee plans to have a draft of proposed changes to the state’s ethics laws ready in January, ahead of the February start of the 2024 legislative session. Rep. Matt Simpson, R-Daphne, the chair of the House Ethics and Campaign Committee, said at a meeting Thursday he wants the members of the committee […]

A defocused police car sits behind crime scene tape with flashing lights at night.

If Alabama wants to support crime victims, it should start by listening to us

BY: - December 1, 2023

My little brother Arthur Sturdivant, Jr. died by homicide on June 8, 2021. I was there when he went, lying in the street in Selma. Police arrested the man who shot him, but the ambulance arrived too late. Arthur was 21 years old. I was 25. Arthur left behind a family who loved him, including […]

People working computers at a crisis center.

Alabama county commissions plan mental health push in 2024 legislative session

BY: - November 30, 2023

AUBURN – The Association of County Commissions of Alabama plans to make a push on mental health issues in the 2024 session of the Alabama Legislature. The organization, holding its annual meeting in Auburn this week, plans to support expansion of residential treatment facilities; improved training for corrections officers on mental health crises; additional funding […]

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Report: One Alabama budget up, one stable at the end of fiscal year 2023

BY: - November 21, 2023

One of Alabama’s budgets is floating on the breeze, while the other is coming back down to Earth, according to a new report from the Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama (PARCA). The report said that the state’s General Fund budget was up by 16.6% in fiscal year 2023, which ended on Sept. 30. The […]

Organizations make their pitches for Alabama opioid settlement money

BY: - November 20, 2023

Lawmakers and public officials heard proposals from different organizations Thursday for spending grant money from the state’s share of a national opioid settlement agreement. Fourteen groups who made their pitch for funding to members of the Oversight Commission on Opioid Settlement Funds during Thursday’s meeting, hoping to secure a grant from the estimated $249 million […]

Protesters stand in from of the state building advocating against anti-LGBTQ+ legislation.

Thankful for the courage of Alabamians

BY: - November 20, 2023

It’s very difficult to look at Alabama’s problems and think that we can fix them. We have seen appalling gun violence and next to no interest in addressing it from officials and lawmakers. They’re far more interested in chasing women seeking out-of-state reproductive health care. Not to mention transgender youth getting health care critical to […]

A young mother with a shopping cart grocery shopping for baby products in a supermarket.

Alabama commission looks at further grocery tax cuts, potential revenue replacement

BY: - November 15, 2023

Members of a state commission looking at the impact of grocery tax repeal looked at the recent cut to the tax, the potential for slower education budget growth, and alternate revenues.  Alabama in September cut the state’s 4% tax on groceries to 3%, the first reduction in the tax since it was first implemented in […]

The exterior of the Alabama Statehouse, with three main doors on the bottom, rising about six stories. The walls are white with a gray cap.

Alabama needs a new statehouse. Alabamians deserve to know its cost.

BY: - November 13, 2023

Alabamians have every right to be cynical about their state government. After all, there’s a long history of Montgomery politicians enriching themselves or enriching business allies while distracting voters with attacks on those least able to respond. It’s an old, ossified attitude. We live under a Jim Crow constitution passed in 1901. Georgia has had […]

A woman smiling, her head turned to the left.

Sen. Merika Coleman to run in 2nd Congressional District

BY: - November 10, 2023

Sen. Merika Coleman, D-Pleasant Grove, will run for the 2nd Congressional District, the latest legislator to enter the contest. Coleman, an attorney by trade, said in a statement that she aimed to “amplify our shared values, break barriers, and build a future where every Alabamian’s voice is not just heard but celebrated.” “Together, let’s write […]

A man at a podium gesturing.

Sen. Kirk Hatcher won’t run for 2nd Congressional District

BY: - November 10, 2023

Sen. Kirk Hatcher, D-Montgomery, said Friday he will not seek the Democratic nomination for the new 2nd Congressional District, a few weeks after becoming among the first Democrats to declare for the race. Hatcher, a member of the Alabama Senate since 2021, wrote in a text message Friday that he “ended an intense internal fight […]

Visuals of new Alabama State House

Officials: Designs for new Alabama statehouse approved; site work underway

BY: - November 8, 2023

Construction on a new Alabama statehouse has begun. In a letter to legislators, Othni Lathram, secretary of the Legislative Council; Secretary of the Alabama Senate D. Patrick Harris and House Clerk John E. Treadwell said designs for the new statehouse had been approved. The letter was sent to media outlets Wednesday afternoon. “While there remains […]

Alabama State Schools Superintendent Eric Mackey speaks with a board member during the board's regular meeting.

Alabama Department of Education wants to give stipends for special ed teachers

BY: - November 8, 2023

Jennifer Church, the lead special education teacher at Pelham Ridge Elementary School in Pelham, knows how much her colleagues do before stepping into a classroom.  “The referral meetings, eligibility meetings, IEP (individualized educational plan) meetings, the parent contacts just to organize all of that,” she said. “Writing the IEPS … providing the services to the […]