Alabama Bureau of Pardons and Paroles

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These former inmates got training and therapy. Pardons and Paroles wants to expand the model.

BY: - October 9, 2023

Friday was a momentous day for almost a dozen people in the Perry County Probation and Parole Reentry Education Program. It was the day they successfully completed a workforce training and rehabilitation program, earning them a chance to eventually return home to be with their loved ones. “I came here with the mindset that I […]

Report: Alabama parole grants fall to 7%

BY: - September 21, 2023

The Alabama State Board of Pardons and Paroles has granted parole to 7% of those eligible, a fraction of the grants from five years ago, according to a report published Thursday by the ACLU of Alabama. The report, drawn from data collected by the board and attendance at 267 proceedings from July to August, also […]

Gabrielle Simmons named to Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles

BY: - August 28, 2023

Gabrielle Simmons, the operations director of the Alabama Bureau of Pardons and Paroles with nearly two decades of experience in the Bureau, was named to the Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles on Monday. Gov. Kay Ivey announced the appointment in a news release. Simmons, who served as the Alabama Bureau of Pardons and Paroles […]

Coseen Smith, dressed in a suit, stands on a walkway with a sign saying "State of Alabama Pardons and Paroles Reporting Center" behind him.

Alabama Bureau of Pardons and Paroles turns to reentry program to reduce recidivism

BY: - April 18, 2023

Coseen Smith walked into the day reporting center sharply dressed, wearing a striped blue dress shirt with a gray formal jacket and black slacks, displaying self-ease and a quiet confidence. It gave no sign of his tumultuous past. Smith, 43, has spent much of his adult life cycling in and out of the criminal justice […]

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Advocates seek state funding for stable housing for formerly incarcerated people

BY: - March 21, 2023

Criminal justice reform advocates want to secure funding for a program they hope will be a model for reintegrating people who were formerly incarcerated into society. Carla Crowder, executive director of Alabama Appleseed, will ask legislators for $500,000 that will be directed toward a nonprofit to provide housing for people just getting out of prison. […]